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1950’s era Italian coachbuilder design influences but it will have modern Ducati power…



Given a bad knee injury sustained, I haven’t been in the shop fabricating for a period of time as I cannot put any weight upon it nor use an automobile clutch properly. I’ll be in next week and welding and building things between ice/heat packs as well as assemble several exhaust systems — plus updating […]

One down… plus several...

One down… plus several update

On Friday one long-term Ducati project was loaded onto a trailer and off to its home. Now time to finish up another one in the next several weeks and get it delivered as well. (Then I will get back to the Nuvolari Project and a small production run of parts for those ala frames, bodywork […]

Sam — World of Speed


From last week at the Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover, Utah and the World of Speed event. [foto: Harry Evelyne Becker]

1934 Dirt Track Racer


Customer project to take original blueprints from a 1934 “Dirt Track Racer” (aka Midget / Sprint racecar) and convert them into modern 3D CAD drawings with full bodywork lofting and chassis design.

Gears are a good thing…...


For the Bonneville Salt Flats, one needs to make some serious gearing changes between gearbox and sprockets to make things work. For a customer project, need to change the gearing itself to allow from 0 to 280mph+ across several miles. More on this upcoming but here is what the parts from within a 916SPS Ducati […]

Chantilly Arts & Elégan...


Best of Show at the Chantilly Arts & Elégance Richard Mille. This Alfa Romeo 8C2900 was one of the fastest sports cars in the world pre-WWII even when clothed with the gorgeous Superleggera coachwork by Touring of Milan. (It was still actively raced post-WW2 in the USA and won the 1948 Watkins Glen gran prix) […]

Tuesday shipments

Tuesday shipments

– S4 Monster Righty Shotguns (listed on eBay) to Kentucky – M796 BoomTubes with staggered polished tips to Thailand – 1198 Exhaust flanges to Alaska Note: there are (7) 696/659 Ducati Monster systems (BoomTubes and Shotguns and others) upcoming to be posted on eBay once back from ceramics. For those wanting an exhaust for this […]

August 1966


[fotos: Eric Rickman] A great view of some of the entrants upon the Bonneville Salt Flats in August 1966.