January 25th, 2016 Update

[February 11th update] I'm out of the shop until February 17th on non-Ducati projects. Once back from Las Vegas, I'll get back into Ducati specific orders again.

Ducati exhaust orders will start taking place February 17th, 2016. I'm going to take fewer exhaust orders this year and limit the number built. Just need to focus on other new parts and getting those to production as well as attending shows and events to promote that aspect of the business.

[January 13th update] Revamp of the new website is still being completed. Integration of the shopping cart, ordering and product (attribute / classification) has been a bit more of a challenge then anticipated. And trying to create a better methodology of making it easier to order custom built exhaust orders has been difficult and I am doing the 4th iteration now with others (besides myself) viewing to understand. I haven't done it for ten years for a good reason -- there are a lot of options and variations thereof and I'm trying to make it less confusing!

Also integrating all the posts from MotoCreations, Carrozzeria (metal shaping), Art&Sculpture and the Bonneville Salt Flats into a single site along with video that will get added upcoming.

In the interim, exhaust building is still going on and S4RS / S2R1000 and M696 exhausts are going to ceramic coating. Also cnc'd Ducati parts are pushed to production and are awaiting time in queue to get made. There is a lot of shop hours for those projects along with an artwork project and finishing of a customer motorcycle project for delivery. I just wish there were more hours in the day after the first and second set of 40hr groups that I work each week... and late evenings devoted to revamping of the website when I actually get a chance to physically sit down.

The new website and restyle will be worth the wait -- it is pretty cool to be honest.