Friday update


Several exhausts are finished and awaiting final billing once e-mail is fixed.  E-mail server is still fubar’d up unfortunately.  I provided the ISP with two SQL databases: 1) 19.2M e-mails to block; 2) 14,312 authenticated e-mails to allow through always.  They blocked both of them for all ingoing / outgoing e-mails on the server!  Fortunately the […]

quick update

quick update

In the process of restoring the mail server hosting solutions.  Mail hosting folks identified and blocked a highly organized and coordinated attack from three countries in northern and eastern Asia who tried nuking my mail servers over the past two weeks.  (same ongoing problem for years now) They are almost done with their investigation and research on how […]

Concept project


Ongoing project concept (more on this upcoming as it occurs and gets finished in CAD and quarter scale mockup happens to proof the design).   Back to assembling and building exhausts for the next few weeks though and getting more fuel caps machined and finished and two other Ducati project finalized and delivered.  

Alfa Romeo B.A.T. 7


Just a bit of “cleanup” of the 1954 Alfa Romeo B.A.T. (Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnica) of Franco Scaglione

[flashback] From another era...


The cockpits of racecars no longer look like this — and although we are much safer today behind the wheel, they definitely are not as memorable or as timeless as this is…

Cogged Exhaust tips


Finally received back the exhaust system from ceramics.  It was dropped by the courier and the ceramic media was scratch — thus they redid it to make them perfect.  Just finishing up the cnc’d cogged style exhaust tips and need one more final polish and baffle installation for the oversized tubes.  System will ship early next […]

Gyronaut X-1 motorcycle stre...


For more on this famous twin engine Triumph powered motorcycle streamliner — which was the fastest motorcycle streamliner (in the era) —  please reference the website that was created to immortalize it: (website for) Gyronaut X-1

Alfa Romeo 8C2900B — 1...


Alfa Romeo never built an 8C2900 in this form.  Usually they were either a berlinetta (coupe) or in a spyder (convertible) configuration built upon the 8C’s series of frame design with the famous dual supercharged inline eight cylinder engine.  It might not be 1935… but who knows what the future might bring forth?

shipped: S4RS Monster BoomTu...


A set of S4RS Monster BoomTubes (legacy) that have been awaiting several weeks for final payment.  Received today and going out UPS to Detroit, MI.  System is standard BoomTubes with a brushed finish tip configuration and standard baffles.