Automobile cast aluminum whe...


Some aluminum wheel designs that will hopefully appear on a customers upcoming project.  Design is now in 3D CAD and ready to make the wooden molds for aluminum casting, heat treating and then final machining.

Early Dry Lakes racing ̵...


Here are some great pictures from the very early days of Dry Lakes Racing in California.

New mockup engine for shop


This followed me home — next step is to get it cleaned up and build a mockup fixture to build exhaust systems for this engine series upcoming. First things first though:   A few exhaust systems are at ceramics and once back I’ll get finished and shipped to customers.  Plus need to get some of the 659/696/795/796/1100cc Monster parts finished and […]

Early days of the dry lake b...

Early days of the dry lake beds

Originally built by Bob Ruf and first appeared in 1939 which Chevrolet 4-banger.  This was before the pontoon spare fuel tanks were utilized.  The wheel covers if you look closely are actually washing machine lids!  No suspension either.  Later it was converted to a fully enclosed cockpit and ran before/after WWII.  After a crash, it […]

Ducati SSR logo


A quick cnc milled “proof” of the pre-WWII vintage Ducati SSR logo badge.  (2nd iteration)  No chamfers or cleanup on this as pointless to spend the additional machine time.  More on this project upcoming as more validation subassemblies are completed before the big assembly is machined from a 35lb block of aluminum (times 2).

Vintage Ducati Logo


For a 1930’s era Ducati powered superbike — the current modern logo will not work emblazoned upon the fuel tank itself.  Thus starting with a CAD adaption of the pre-WWII (electronics) Ducati logo and will tweak with it further upcoming and make sure I can properly CNC machine it for the final deliverable project.

Thanks Rachel

Thanks Rachel

A good friend passed away here in Northern Arizona who was involved with MotoCreations at various times over the past 12 years.  She did a lot of proof reading, publication submittals, editing of my Kerouac-like ongoing sentence structures and recently helped parse tens of millions of spam e-mails from incoming mail into the SQL database spam […]

Indycar Fuel cap (Build Seri...


A few of the paper cutouts that were created in CAD and then printed out and fitted to get the general opening shape itself started.  Some fuel tank openings are easier to reverse engineer then others obviously!  Example is the kidney-shaped Sport Classic versus the StreetFighter round shape.  The older Monsters with steel / ABS tanks […]

Indycar Fuel cap for the Spo...


note: I’ve intended to do several of these multipart build series for years.  Just never enough time to make it happen or the part is not Ducati specific or it is for a customer via non-disclosure agreements.  I’m just going to take the extra time to document this project in the building of a 1950’s era Indianapolis […]